Mission Party Bus

If you’re looking for  a Mission Party Bus, then you’re in the right place! Click around and check us out – contact us for quote!

Our service is focused and dedicated to the fantastic people of Mission who are looking for a great Party Bus rental experience.  We want to be your first choice when you’re looking for a Mission Party Bus for your next big event! Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re celebrating a birthday or planning a wedding, maybe putting together a stag or going to a concert – Phantom Party Bus has got it covered!

We Make Party Bus Rentals EASY

Competitive, all-inclusive rates, per-person pricing, and event management are what we specialize in. We make everything from planning your party to transporting your group as easy and simple as can be.

We try hard to make planning a party bus easy and affordable.  Our unique all-inclusive per-person pricing is easily the lowest-risk party bus option that you can find – you won’t have to chase people for money or worry about last-minute drop-outs that would otherwise leave you hanging without the cash you need.

You get what you pay for, and we offer the best. Our affordable party bus service is cheap on the wallet and provides you with the utmost quality service. We think our rates are already very reasonable, but if you find a better offer, feel free to contact us and we’ll consider matching or beating it.

If you’re looking for a cheap party bus rental there are other options, but keep in mind you always get what you pay for.  We think our rates are already very reasonable but that doesn’t mean we won’t consider beating a competitors written offer if you can find one.